The Blog Ladder: Build & Grow by Kristen Smith

What next?!

You've done the Pinterest search. 
You've bought courses and downloaded checklists. 
You've joined groups, asked questions and done the share threads. 

But what now? How do you implement ALL of these crazy puzzle pieces? How do you organize all of this information and to dos into a strategy that grows your blog & social channels?

The Blog Ladder: Build & Grow

The short version?
You make a plan - 2 weeks, 90 days, 1 year. 
You prioritize based on your strengths and the resources available to you.
Then, you implement. 
You start DOING the work - testing, assessing, adjusting and implementing again.

It takes time and persistence. One step at a time. But, it doesn't have to be confusing. The Blog Ladder walks you through the steps, in an order that makes sense to take from start to email list building, revenue-potential, creative outlet fulfilling, online community nurturing blog. 

What's included?

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4 mins
Welcome to the Blog Ladder!
Your Blog Ladder
3 mins
Build Your Platform & Message
9 mins
Email Power
2 mins
Cornerstone Content
4 mins
The Blog Ladder WorkBook - Build Stage
2.95 MB
The Blog Ladder Build Transcript
118 KB