Planning Seasonal Content WorkShop by Kristen Smith

Planning Seasonal Content WorkShop

It's time to get off the blogging hamster wheel - ideas, drafts, banging out a post at the last minute to meet your schedule or missing weeks of posts as you try to catch up.
Here’s the secret to leveraging seasonal content: a 90 day content creation cycle from idea to promoted post.

A few years ago, I bought the first of my son’s school supplies in mid-July.
How’d that happen, you might ask?
I went to do my weekly grocery shopping and as I was headed to the checkout I noticed that they were bringing out the school supplies. I shook my head at my urge to go browse (ya’ll, my heart goes pitter patter for school supplies), then stopped. The previous year, I had a hard time finding the very specific kind of folder that my son’s school puts on their supply list – solid color, 2 pockets, not plastic, 3 prongs. I spent more than half an hour flipping through shelves of brightly colored folders looking for the right ones.

So, on July 12th, I made my way over to the incredibly early display of school supplies and quickly found the 2 needed folders (I had saved the supply list on my phone that was sent out at the end of the school year) and in his favorite color.

Where is your audience today? Is your content speaking to them?

This month, let's make it happen!

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