KickStart2019 by Kristen Smith


More blogging, less overwhelm

What's included?

KickStart 2019

Because your blog needs more than a plan! Are you: - just getting started on your blog and already feeling lost? - wondering what happened to that inspiration that got you started blogging? - wishing you knew how to get all of those ideas out of your head & put into action? - ready to make 2019 the year your blog means business? Then it's time for a KickStart!

KickStart 2019 Planning Guide

More than a content calendar - let's build an intentional, strategic plan to implement your content goals! 4 Videos. 60+ pages to brainstorm, outline, map and track. A you-choose adventure guide to your 2019. 

Your Story Deserves to be Told.

You scour Pinterest for tutorials. You sign up for email courses about Facebook click thrus & Instagram shadow bans. You find yourself torn between keeping up with social media & growing the rest of your blog/business/professional identity.

Let's power up your online presence and showcase your Genius!