KickStart 2020 by Kristen Smith

KickStart 2020

Think back to January - all those plans you had. How'd that work out? 

Every year, I sit down and make a plan. It rarely goes exactly the way I expect. But the work I do to create my plan lays the foundation for all the success I experience. From an editorial calendar to email strategy to collaboration opportunities, this is the perfect time to reflect on where you are at & where you want to be. 

The key to moving past hopes and dreams? A strategy that turns all your ideas into a step by step plan from here to goal accomplished! 

This year, let's give our blogs a running start with KickStart 2020! 

What's included?

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Before you KickStart
KickStart 2020 Content Planning Guide
1.74 MB
Welcome to KickStart 2020!
5 mins
Where is content creation taking you?
Where is content creation taking you?
8 mins
KickStart 2020 Module 1 Transcript
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Compelling Content = Personalized Experience
It Starts With Your Audience
5 mins
KickStart2020 Module 2 Transcript
42.7 KB
Building Content Verticals
9 mins
KickStart 2020 Module 3 Transcript: Content Verticals
144 KB
Planning Your Content By Quarter (+ an easy to use template)
Planning Your Content By Quarter
12 mins
KickStart 2020 Module 4 Transcript.pdf
52 KB
BYG 90 Day Plan Template.pdf
50 KB
From Plan to Implementation!
Building A Content Calendar
10 mins
KickStart2020 Module 5 Transcript.pdf
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