KickStart 2019

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KickStart2019 Schedule
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Day 1: Where is content creation taking you?
KickStart2019 Day 1- Where is your content taking you?
35 mins
KickStart2019 Day 1 Transcript
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KickStart2019 Day 1 Slides
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Building Verticals Content in every form
KickStart2019 Day 2: Content that Converts & Aligns
32 mins
KickStart2019 Day 2 Slides.pdf
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KickStart2019 Day 2 Transcript.pdf
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Planning Your Content by Quarter (+ an easy to use template)
KickStart2019 Day 3 Quarterly Planning
22 mins
KickStart2019 Day 3 Slides
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KickStart2019 Day 3 Transcript.pdf
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Implement! Get your content plan on paper
KickStart2019 Day 4: Creating Your Content Action Plan
13 mins
KickStart 2019 Day 4 Transcript
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KickStart2019 Day 4 Slides
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Your Story Deserves to be Told.

You scour Pinterest for tutorials. You sign up for email courses about Facebook click thrus & Instagram shadow bans. You find yourself torn between keeping up with social media & growing the rest of your blog/business/professional identity.

Let's power up your online presence and showcase your Genius!