Email Strategy Intensive by Kristen Smith

Email Strategy Intensive

Straightforward, actionable, no BS strategies for building your blog, business or professional visibility through email.



Your email list is a cornerstone of your online presence. Each of your social media channels is dependent on an algorithm that you have zero control over. With email, your audience has forged a personal connection and invited you to have direct contact. You want the number on your list to steadily grow - but with high quality list members since your list will get more expensive as your list gets larger!

Maybe you started your list but your opt-in rates are dragging?

Maybe you're hearing crickets when you send your list an offer?

I want to help. And for a limited time, while I'm testing this new strategy with a range of industries and creative entrepreneurs, I'm offering it for a SUPER low price. 

A four hour VIP Day where you and I work together to revamp your email strategy! At the end of the day, you will walk away with:
  • an assessment of your current email strategy
  • a new lead magnet strategy
  • email map with outlined sequences for each of your current offerings
  • a how-to guide for executing my trust-building strategy
  • a step-by-step guide for implementing, assessing and adjusting your new strategy in the next 90 days!


An email strategy that deepens & nurtures your relationship with your audience drives traffic, increases sales and raises your visibility. 

But an Email Strategy Intensive isn't for everyone. This is for bloggers & business owners who are ready to implement a working email strategy NOW. 

Not sure which email service? No problem, we can cover that. 

Not sure what to write? We can handle that, too. 

But I need people who are ready to take action. Is that you? Then, let's get started!

What's included?

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ESI Workbook.pdf
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Your Story Deserves to be Told.

You scour Pinterest for tutorials. You sign up for email courses about Facebook click thrus & Instagram shadow bans. You find yourself torn between keeping up with social media & growing the rest of your blog/business/professional identity.

Let's power up your online presence and showcase your Genius!


Do I have to do my Email Strategy Intensive all in one day?

You can do your ESI in 1 four hour day (we take a break in the middle) or in 2 two hour calls. If you need a little help with the implementation, I recommend the 2 two hour calls so that we can trouble shoot any speed bumps you run into.