Welcome to KickStart 2020!

Welcome! I’m so glad to have you here with us! I know that this is a busy time of year - both content and life wise - but it’s also my favorite time of year for planning. 

Before we jump into our planning, a few tips to maximize the time you are spending. Take a second and silence your cell phone. Put it where you can see it - I use a business card holder for this but keep the sounds from pulling your brain in different directions. Go ahead and close that tab with Facebook. Give me thirty minutes of focus here and you can get right back to it.

KickStart 2020

Think back to January - all those plans you had. How'd that work out? 

Every year, I sit down and make a plan. It rarely goes exactly the way I expect. But the work I do to create my plan lays the foundation for all the success I experience. From an editorial calendar to email strategy to collaboration opportunities, this is the perfect time to reflect on where you are at & where you want to be. 

The key to moving past hopes and dreams? A strategy that turns all your ideas into a step by step plan from here to goal accomplished! 

This year, let's give our blogs a running start with KickStart 2020! 

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