Content Corner - Free Tools to Fuel Growth by Kristen Smith

Content Corner - Free Tools to Fuel Growth

FREE PDFs, Videos, Workshops & more to build out of the box professional opportunities through blogging

What's included?

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Blog Fundamentals
1, 2, 3...Blog Business Plan
525 KB
BYG Time Management Sheet.pdf
294 KB
Landing Page Map.pdf
1010 KB
Content Process
90.8 KB
Prioritize Your Braindump
69 KB
A Website That Works - Blog Audit
A Website That Works Checklist
791 KB
Trello for Content Management!
Welcome - Trello for Content Management
2 mins
Getting Started with Trello
9 mins
Trello for Inspiration Management
3 mins
Trello as a Content Calendar
12 mins
Trello Content Vertical Map
8 mins
Trello for Tracking Your Blog Goals
10 mins
Trello Templates
Asana for Content Creators
Welcome to Asana!
3 mins
Set up your Asana Account
4 mins
Asana Projects
12 mins
Asana Tasks
9 mins
Build That List
BYG Email Strategy Map.pdf
436 KB
Start Your Email List.pdf
635 KB
Become a Content Ninja
Content Library Hero.png
432 KB
Inspiration Management.pdf
66.8 KB
Challenge to Content.pdf
264 KB
Make That Money
Affiliate Programs.pdf
1000 KB
The Planning Process
BYG 90 Day Plan Template
139 KB
11 5 BlogSmart Live
10 mins

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