Blogtober: 31 Days of Blog Growth Actionables by Kristen Smith

Blogtober: 31 Days of Blog Growth Actionables

31 Days, 31 Actionables to grow a profitable, thriving blog & online presence. 

Daily resources & support as you make it happen. 

What's included?

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Start Here for Blogtober Success
Blogtober Breakdown
Blog Basics
Build A Blog Brand Guide
Build A Brand Guide Template Instructions
14 mins
What, exactly, do you do?
Build Your Mission WorkSheet
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Your About Page
Your About Page WorkSheet
89.5 KB
What is your reader asking?
6 mins
What is your reader asking?
Audience Segment WorkSheets
94.9 KB
Audience On Ramps
The Power of An Editorial Calendar
Your Blog Audit
Your Blog Audit WorkSheets
155 KB
Content Strategy
What are you working with?
Content Workflow
Content Promotion Process
Updating Your Old Content
The Value of Rest
Is less more when it comes to content?
Blog Management
Building A Blogging Toolbox