Creating Out of the Box Opportunity with Blogging

You scour Pinterest for tutorials. You sign up for email courses about Facebook click thrus & Instagram shadow bans. You find yourself torn between keeping up with social media & growing the rest of your blog/business/professional identity.

Let's power up your online presence and showcase your Genius!

Content Corner - Free Tools to Fuel Growth

Free tools, tips & resources for the Blog Your Genius community.
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KickStart 2019 Planning Guide

More than a content calendar - let's build an intentional, strategic plan to implement your content goals! 4 Videos. 60+ pages to brainstorm, outline, map and track. A you-choose adventure guide to your 2019.
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Power Push

There’s no cookie cutter programs at Blog Your Genius. But we’ll probably: Identify the systems & structures needed to keep your business from taking over your life Get laser-focus on your ideal reader/client, priorities and how it fits into your business plan Explore how to plan and create content that builds into income generating opportunities Map out an Opt-In strategy so you can turn social media followers into excited, returning readers You’ll also receive: Your action plan summary/homework emailed to you after each session to make sure you know which tasks to tackle next. Unlimited email access during your blogging push. Check in with me when you have a problem and need help, when you have a question, or when you hit big milestones and reach success. I’m here for you. Why delay your goals for another day? Get the push (and help) you need!
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Pitch like a PR PRO

Pitch. Promote. Get Visible.
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Soul Goals Workbook

January is the traditional time for GOALS - but life doesn't always make January 1st the right time for US. I'm not interested in the traditional idea of resolutions. Don't get me wrong, the New Year is the perfect time to refresh your vision, set your benchmarks of success, and make a plan to blow your current capabilities out of the water. But, I'm looking for something more than a summer-ready body. I want to wake up excited. I want to know, all the way to my toes, that I'm what I'm pouring myself into matters . I need goals that matter - Soul Goals. Are you ready to move past vanity metrics? Is this going to be the year that you break through? Let's discover your mission with the Soul Goals Workbook!
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Pick One Thing

Instead of choosing between your family and your business, these seasons are the perfect time to streamline your work hours. The summer is a key time of year for so many demographics! How can you take advantage of that traffic growth without being tied to your computer during the summer family time?
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Email Strategy Intensive

IS YOUR EMAIL STRATEGY WORKING AS HARD YOU DO? Your email list is a cornerstone of your online presence. Each of your social media channels is dependent on an algorithm that you have zero control over. With email, your audience has forged a personal connection and invited you to have direct contact. You want the number on your list to steadily grow - but with high quality list members since your list will get more expensive as your list gets larger! Maybe you started your list but your opt-in rates are dragging? Maybe you're hearing crickets when you send your list an offer? I want to help. And for a limited time, while I'm testing this new strategy with a range of industries and creative entrepreneurs, I'm offering it for a SUPER low price.  A four hour VIP Day where you and I work together to revamp your email strategy! At the end of the day, you will walk away with: an assessment of your current email strategy a new lead magnet strategy email map with outlined sequences for each of your current offerings a how-to guide for executing my trust-building strategy a step-by-step guide for implementing, assessing and adjusting your new strategy in the next 90 days! ARE YOU READY TO MAKE YOUR EMAIL WORK ? An email strategy that deepens & nurtures your relationship with your audience drives traffic, increases sales and raises your visibility.  But an Email Strategy Intensive isn't for everyone. This is for bloggers & business owners who are ready to implement a working email strategy NOW.  Not sure which email service? No problem, we can cover that.  Not sure what to write? We can handle that, too.  But I need people who are ready to take action . Is that you? Then, let's get started!
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KickStart2019 VIP

Get lifetime access to KickStart 2019 + a 1 hour Content Strategy call!
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How to Start a Blog

Starting a blog comes with it’s own unique mix of excitement and overwhelm. There are so many options, choices, decisions to make from the get go. But it’s so worth it. Blogging built my virtual village, who cheered me on from college to marriage to the birth to of my son. Blogging opened doors to freelance writing & digital marketing opportunities, eventually allowing me to work from anyway as my husband’s military career took us around the world. Along the way, my blog provided me the space to learn, explore and discover – my own little corner of the internet where I can create. Want that for yourself?
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Every year, I sit down and make a plan. It rarely goes exactly the way I expect. But the work I do to create my plan lays the foundation for all the success I experience. From an editorial calendar to email strategy to collaboration opportunities, this is the perfect time to reflect on where you are at & where you want to be. The key to moving past hopes and dreams? A strategy that turns all your ideas into a step by step plan from here to goal accomplished! This year, let's give our blogs a running start with KickStart 2019!
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Blog Your Genius Community

Maybe you’re a member of one of my Facebook blogging groups, or you receive my newsletter, or a friend shared this link. However you found us, I’m glad you’re here. I believe in the power of blogging to create a community that is empowering, nurturing and supportive. We can embrace the strength of our own story and use it to build a life that we design. What that looks like is up to you – career growth, freelance writing, building a networking marketing team, selling ad space on your blog, and so much more. YOU create the dream and here, at Blog Your Genius, we’ll help you build the tools and knowledge to achieve it. Maybe you know what you want to achieve, but the steps to get there are overwhelming. Maybe you’ve walked away from blogging and want to jump back in – and give it 100%. Maybe you know you need to blog to support your personal brand or small business, but how? Let’s do it, together.