The Secret Sauce to Successful Blogging?


And that's why courses and worksheets and videos alone aren't enough. But a community? A community offers the support we need to implement all of those ideas and lessons. 

Let's build a blogging village - where you can ask your questions, get feedback on new projects, explore ideas, connect with niche neighbors, and create an online presence that aims directly at your goals. 

Content Corner - Free Tools to Fuel Growth

Free tools, tips & resources for the Blog Your Genius community. 
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Finding the Creative Spark

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Crisis Response: How to Pivot Your Blog Strategy

Bottom line: Things have changed.
When there is a crisis situation the plan needs to pivot. What happens now with your blog?
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The Blog Ladder: Build & Grow

The Blog Ladder are the small steps that build a rock solid brand that offers your audience an on ramp to all that you have to offer.
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KickStart 2020

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Soul Goals Workbook

January is the traditional time for GOALS - but life doesn't always make January 1st the right time for US. I'm not interested in the traditional idea of resolutions. Don't get me wrong, the New Year is the perfect time to refresh your vision, set your benchmarks of success, and make a plan to blow your current capabilities out of the water. But, I'm looking for something more than a summer-ready body. I want to wake up excited. I want to know, all the way to my toes, that I'm what I'm pouring myself into matters . I need goals that matter - Soul Goals. Are you ready to move past vanity metrics? Is this going to be the year that you break through? Let's discover your mission with the Soul Goals Workbook!
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A Website That Works

Blog design is more than a logo, the color of your font, or the size of your featured photos. The path your audience takes - from discovering your content, engaging with your social channels, learning about and trusting your brand - depends on a website that works as hard as you do. We're breaking down the small steps you can take to improve overall website performance and audience conversion specifically. First, we'll give our sites a solid assessment with a Blog Audit. Then, we'll make a plan to get any needed changes or updates done - not by putting all other blog tasks on hold, but by scheduling them out in a way that doesn't make you want to throw your computer out the window! Your online brand - all of the visuals, messaging, narratives and connections that attract and nurture your audience - deserves a home that shines a spotlight on your story. It's time to own it. 
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Blogtober: 31 Days of Blog Growth Actionables

31 Days of Actionables for a traffic-driving, life friendly blog!

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Email Stoplight

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WorkShop: Main Street Email

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FOCUS with Notion

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WorkShop: Tame the Time Rodeo

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Planning Seasonal Content WorkShop

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Blog Your Genius Community

Maybe you’re a member of one of my Facebook blogging groups, or you receive my newsletter, or a friend shared this link. However you found us, I’m glad you’re here. I believe in the power of blogging to create a community that is empowering, nurturing and supportive. We can embrace the strength of our own story and use it to build a life that we design. What that looks like is up to you – career growth, freelance writing, building a networking marketing team, selling ad space on your blog, and so much more. YOU create the dream and here, at Blog Your Genius, we’ll help you build the tools and knowledge to achieve it. Maybe you know what you want to achieve, but the steps to get there are overwhelming. Maybe you’ve walked away from blogging and want to jump back in – and give it 100%. Maybe you know you need to blog to support your personal brand or small business, but how? Let’s do it, together.

Your Story Deserves to be Told.

You scour Pinterest for tutorials. You sign up for email courses about Facebook click thrus & Instagram shadow bans. You find yourself torn between keeping up with social media & growing the rest of your blog/business/professional identity.

Let's power up your online presence and showcase your Genius!